self publishing coaching

Do you need help with your self-publishing? Are you struggling to get sales? Or gain more readers? If so, I can help.

I’ve been self-publishing on Amazon since 2017. I’ve published numerous best-selling books on topics including decluttering, Airbnb hosting, Amazon selling, dental marketing, to name a few.

I know what works and what doesn’t. And I can help you avoid the same mistakes I’ve made. Over time, I’ve gradually grown my self-publishing into a full fledged business. In fact, last year was my most profitable year to date where I made over 6 figures in revenue just from my books. 

If you’re struggling to gets readers, reviews or sales, I offer personalized coaching services. I will work with you to identify your bottlenecks and find simple practical solutions to help grow your self-publishing business. Just some of the topics we can cover include:

  • Amazon
  • Advertising
  • Keywords
  • Marketing
  • Launches
  • Getting reviews
  • And anything else you need help with
Email coaching

Receive personalized coaching and feedback from me via email. I will answer any questions you have and provide  practical actionable solutions to help grow your business.  

**To ensure we stay on topic and that I answer your questions thoroughly, each email is limited to 5 questions.**




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Here's what clients are saying...

We felt Alex delivered months worth of research and practical information in one session. We walked away with a clear roadmap and the tools to execute our plan

Laura C.

Owner of Inspired Everything Living

Author Coaching

Alex Wong is a coach for self-publishers who really stands out in this relatively new industry where the distribution channels are limited, the protocols for success are highly subjective and, therefore, the opportunities for scammers are abundant.

As a successful self-published author, Alex is experienced and knowledgeable; he's integrous as demonstrated by his reasonable prices; and, in style, he's straight-forward and efficient with "To Do Lists" and pinpoint, written communications as examples. Alex is also quite generous in providing, at no additional cost, the secondary referrals and resources needed to accomplish one's individual goals.

This is the no-nonsense, results-driven person that a beginning self-publisher wants on his/her marketing team to help ensure long-term success as a career author: Alex Wong.

Annamarie Harrison

Author, TANG Book Series

I have been publishing books for almost 20 years. Although I have a large online following and my books are selling well, I contacted Alex to see if he could expand my education about online book sales so I could take my publishing business to the next level, and he really delivered! Alex is an incredibly knowledgeable, accessible, successful and caring person who wants to help and has the power to really do it. I highly recommend working with Alex to help you understand the online book sales world and to excel in it. I am so excited to have found him and I will be doing a lot more work with him in the future.

Annie, USD


Simply put, this is the easiest and fastest way to get more readers  and grow your publishing business.

So, are you ready to take your book sales to the next level?