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Do you have a holiday home, bed and breakfast, or a short term rental, and you want to turn it into lucrative side-income? Are you looking for the latest tips and tricks for levelling up your Airbnb business and crafting the perfect online presence? Do you want to discover cutting-edge Airbnb advice from an experienced Airbnb expert? Then this book is for you.

Airbnb offers you a wonderful opportunity for turning your empty space into a year-round source of income. It lets you meet new people, make the most of real estate investing, and turn your rental property into a money-making machine. But with so much competition and tons of listings online, how can you create an eye-catching presence and promote your new business?

Written by seasoned Airbnb expert Alex Wong, best-selling author of Airbnb Listing Hacks and The Airbnb Superhost Checklist, this powerful and practical handbook arms you with the must-know advice you need to become an Airbnb Superhost and master the world of SEO to kickstart your new profitable business.

Containing absolutely everything you need to know about creating the perfect online listing, building an eye-catching profile, ranking higher in Airbnb search, and even how to set up house rules and provide your guests with an experience they won’t forget, this handbook will help you go from complete beginner to Airbnb expert in next to no time!

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • The Ultimate Checklist For Providing The Perfect Guest Experience
  • Creative Amenity Ideas To Add a Unique Flair To Your BnB or Vacation Rental Property
  • Powerful Tips For Creating an Attention-Grabbing Airbnb Listing
  • How to Optimize Your Listing and Description to Generate More Bookings
  • Must-Know Advice For Keywords, Pricing, and The Ultimate Host Profile
  • 7 Ingenious Ways To Take Striking Photos (Plus How To Avoid Bad Ones)
  • Creating House Rules, Guidebooks, and a Ton of Handy FAQs
  • And Much More…

Whether you’re a brand-new host and you’re just getting started, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for some extra tips and tricks, The Airbnb SEO Bible provides you with a comprehensive exploration of Airbnb fundamentals. If you’ve been searching for the best way to optimize your listing, stand out from the crowd, attract more guests, and level up your business, then this ultimate Airbnb playbook is your ticket to building a profitable, enjoyable, and deeply rewarding business.

Ready to become an Airbnb pro? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

Here's what readers are saying...

Giovanni // Amazon Customer

I really learned so much from this book by Alex Wong ( this Author is a great surprise!). As online marketer and copywriter I found this book an easy reading but at the same time full of valuable tips that will surely help me whenever a new Airbnb client will ask me to improve their SEO optimization. Honestly I would suggest this guide if you are in this field, absolutely a must-have!

Ted B. Guevara// Amazon Customer

Author Alex Wong might as well be the founder of AIRBNB. His book covers just about everything on the home-rental business, from the number of keys to copy to owner mannerism to offering guests a basket of essentials. Everything to make their stay an experience above that of a hotel. This book is a must both for the owner and the renter.

Charles Davis // Amazon Customer

One of the buildings in the complex where I am living is being turned into a Airbnb. I have been helping setting some of the things up. This book has a great deal of information, that we never considered. It is well wrtiten and very detailed. The downloadable worksheets help out as well

Tyler Phillips // Amazon Customer

One of my big goals in 2021 is to start an Airbnb. Many of my friends have their own properties and talk about listings, guests, upgrades, and what they are doing frequently, but I still was not sure where to start. I bought this book hoping to get some good insight and I was NOT disappointed!
I highly recommend this book for new Airbnb owners and veterans alike! I shared a couple of concepts I learned about with my buddy and they immediately implemented them and bought the book too!

Daniel Cuervonegro  // Amazon Customer

I had to a hard time getting this one since the download wouldn't work. It's a great, concise and precise tool regarding the initial obstacles all Airbnb users have, especially in regards to those very technical yet important and pesky internet configurations we all struggle with. Recommended.

Susan // Amazon Customer

This book has anything and everything you ever wanted to know about having an Airbnb and marketing it, and more. Amazing! There is nothing left out. I couldn’t think of anything it missed. It’s very clearly written, concise, and each section has headings that are very clear and easy to see so you can find the parts you’re looking for easily...and of course there’s also a full list of contents. And each step gets straight to the point. Very well done and I’m so glad to have this. It seems to have every answer I ever wanted to know.

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