Unlock the secret to digital decluttering and begin revolutionizing your productivity!

Do you want to discover how you can become more productive, stop wasting time on social media, and manage your online life? Are you interested in learning how decluttering and organizing can help you break free from the digital world? Or do you want to eliminate distractions so you can spend more time getting things done? Then this book is for you!

The internet offers us a wealth of incredible opportunities for being more productive and succeeding with our goals – but far too many of us find ourselves wasting our time away and becoming dissatisfied with our lives. Constant online distractions, addictive technology, and the allure of the entire web being just a few clicks away can create a constant nagging voice which pulls us away from our goals while feeding into feelings of anxiety and depression. So how can you strike a balance between the benefits of the online world without letting yourself be carried away by social media addiction?

Written by best-selling author and 6-figure entrepreneur Alex Wong, inside this brilliant guide, he reveals his top digital minimalism tips, along with how you can start making your online life work for you. Combining practical decluttering tips with an honest look at how to clean up your computer, emails and social media, you’ll also uncover a powerful 30-day digital detox designed to reset your mind and help you break up with harmful habits which are hurting your productivity.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • The BIG Problem With Social Media, The Internet, and Silicon Valley
  • Scientifically-Proven Ways The Online World Can Hurt Our Focus and Concentration
  • Practical Strategies For Cleaning The Clutter From Your Computer
  • How To Optimize Your Device and Streamline Your Digital Experience
  • Tips and Tricks For Organizing Your Emails
  • Why Social Media Sites Are Designed To Be Addictive (Along With The BEST Ways To Overcome Smartphone Addiction)
  • A Powerful 30-Day Digital Detox For a More Focused Life
  • 30+ Ingenious and Creative Things To Do Instead of Social Media
  • And So Much More!

With actionable decluttering advice which you can begin implementing the moment you put this book down, as well as handy apps to help you manage your screen time and stop getting hooked by social media, the Digital Decluttering Workbook is your all-in-one guide to maximizing your productivity and making the most of this amazing tool. 

Ready to start decluttering your online and social media life?

Here's what readers are saying...

Bill Miller  // Author and Customer

The author takes us on a complete journey of how to attack organization and structure to minimize material, waste, distraction and excess of everything everywhere in our lives. He breaks everything down into simple process of need vs want. People accumulate clutter and it is hard to re-educate them. My favorite comment is “if in doubt throw it out” as it applies to about 100% of us!

This is a must read for anyone who themselves have a life clutter issue or someone they know they could help. The author gives step by step solutions to help with self-accountability and creating a game plan to sell, donate, auction, trash it or whatever is needed to bring organization and structure to people’s lives.
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AY// Marketer

Having a plan is a vital component to being successful in anything you set out to do, especially decluttering and organizing. I found this book helpful in my approach and now view decluttering in a completely different way. (it's now simple and getting easier!) I found the resources helpful especially the info on how to pack and roll up my clothes effectively. Section 17 on how to overcoming obstacles and staying clutter-free also helpful.

Amanda // Customer

If you're looking for help getting your home and even your mind decluttered, this may be the book to consider. It is very thorough and provides a great action plan, even giving you the option of decluttering by category or by room. I found that very helpful. I also liked that the author added fun to the chore. Heck, you can even raise money by selling items you no longer use.

CA Smith // Customer

This book not only goes into great detail about cleaning and organizing your home and workspace but also touches on the emotional and mental reasons a person becomes a hoarder or very messy in the first place. This book gives many details on how to declutter and goes into great detail on how to actually do just that. Many options are available on how to do this and I am certain you will find a preference of yours while reading this. Highly recommend.

Coach Christy Geiger   // Author and Coach

I love this book, The Art of Decluttering and Organizing! I believe that to much STUFF creates STRESS and this book is a great resource to support thinking through our mindset around “stuff”, the benefits of decluttering and easy steps to get into action! This book could be used as a guide to get yourself in the “headspace” to declutter or as a reference to support you as you literally launch into a project and want support to tackle a room, ie Workspace, see chapter 10! It would be great if the book had a magic Gennie that could come and do it for you, but short of that, this book is fantastic to set you up for success mentally, emotionally and tactically! Easy to read, Very Useful, High Recommend.

Christine Levy // Reader and cystiner

I loved the fact that I could read even just a small section of the book and then make a difference in decreasing my clutter and organizing what was important. The book gave me a great roadmap to follow and just what I needed since I was lacking the sense of direction to get me started on doing what I knew I wanted and needed to do. Less is more and it feels so good!

So, what are you waiting for? Start decluttering your life today!